Online shopping makes life a whole lot easier, even when purchasing meals for your children's school lunches. However, a change in the online system now adds an extra $2 charge to your bill.

The Sioux Falls School District decided to collect the fee after a drastic increase in the number of parents purchasing online, which put a strain on its food service budget.

Parents are worried about how it will impact all families, but especially those who are low-income. However, the district says the new fee will have a lesser financial impact on those families overall. Without this change, the district would have to increase the price of each lunch by 10 cents, due to the credit card processing fee they are charged on each transaction.

The school district began using their credit card processing company three years ago. In the past three years, they have accumulated an expense of nearly $125,000 on the fees associated with credit card processing.

Luckily, parents still have the option of paying by check or with cash in order to avoid the hike in overall cost.

Source: Argus Leader

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