Uncoached.com has released a list of fast food items that they say NO ONE can resist. In these days of healthier food and life choices, I know many people have sworn off fast food (at least that's what they tell us on their Facebook status updates!) But those establishments wouldn't be successful if everyone who say they're not eating fast food really weren't.

Here's their list:

•Stuffed Crust Pizza
•Shamrock Shakes
•Doritos Locos Taco
•Wendy’s Baconator
•Popcorn Chicken
•The McGriddle

Gotta admit, never been a McGriddle fan, but wonder if those McDonalds french fries are coated in crack because WOW are they addictive!

You can also add Potato Ole's from Taco John's and the potatoes and gravy from KFC to the list of fast food items I can't turn away from.

What's on your list??

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