To build a home with your own two hands it's quite an accomplishment. When that home attracts the attention of millions of viewers all over the world, it takes on celebrity status.

That's what a bald eagle pair did in 2002 near the Decorah Trout Hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. According to, there have been four replacement nests due to storm damage.

The Decorah Eagles have seen thousands of viewers each day when on the nest caring for their young. But that changed last year.

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In 2021 the Decorah pair decided to move and built another nest nearby leaving this nest vacant.

Usually, bald eagles mate for life. This location has seen different partners through the years having a new male and a new female.

And that brings us to this week when an unlikely pair looking for a new home decided to check out their new living space.

You wouldn't think geese would choose an elevated location to nest. It's more common than you think.

Two years ago in Charlo, Montana at a popular man-made Osprey perch, the same thing happened when geese robbed the nest from two ospreys. Fortunately, the ospreys were seen to build at a nearby nesting pole within the site of the old nest.

If you like to watch raptors there is no better site than which has several bald eagle, osprey, owl, and falcon nest sites.




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