January means it is Burger Battle season!

This year there are a whopping 16 burgers to try and I am trying to get through them all.

This year, voting is done via Downtown Sioux Falls' new app! It is called the DTSF Passport. It is so slick, smooth, and user-friendly. You can find out more about the Burger Battle and the app here.

The first burger I tried this year was The SoDak Grown Burger at The Market. The Market has a winning streak going so I figured I'd start there.

The burger is described as, "A sirloin & brisket burger sits on our baconaisse, topped with white cheddar, coffee braised onions, and a fried farm fresh egg, all tucked into a hemp bun with cheese popcorn."

My rule when doing the Burger Battle is to get the burger as described. Nothing left off. However, for this burger, I was sharing with a friend so we got the baconaisse on the side. I made sure to add it to my half.

These were my notes/feelings/thoughts"

  • I've never had coffee braised onions before. They did give a nice subtle flavor.
  • Not a huge fan of mayo personally, but adding bacon to it was very smart.
  • I enjoyed the sweet pickles on my burger. Gave a nice crunch. Good mix of texture and the sweetness was a nice juxtaposition to the rest of the burger.
  • Anytime an egg is on a burger I think that's a great decision.
  • I'm not sure what hemp tastes like, but the bun was good. However, the burger was messy and the bun couldn't quite hold up to all the juiciness.

Overall, I liked the uniqueness of the flavors. Like I said, coffee braised onions? Who knew that would be so good?

But there are still 15 other burgers to try before I can claim a favorite.



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