It's January so that means it is time for the Downtown Burger Battle. 

This year 12 downtown eateries are competing to have the honor of the best burger downtown.

The Market is on a winning streak for the past couple years so we decided to start there.

The Market's burger is called the Go-Chu Burger, it is described on the menu this way: "Using local ingredients, the wagyu beef is smothered in house-made kimchi, smoky provolone, radish micro greens and gochujang aioli, with the bun dusted with wasabi powder for that simple finishing touch."

I was nervous about this burger because I had never had kimchi or even heard of gochujang. However, I have a rule when it comes to the Burger Battle, I have to get every burger as intended, no matter what. I feel like that is the only way to be fair. I have to try it as it was meant to be.

I was a little worried that the burger might be too spicy, but it wasn't. It was delicious. The house made kimchi was scrumptious. For those who don't know, kimchi is a Korean dish of fermented cabbage. And I came to find out that gochujang is a red fermented chili paste. Lots of fermenting going on.

Honestly, it was a great burger and it opened up my taste buds to things I had never tried before.

What a great way to start off the Downtown Burger Battle. One down, only eleven more to go.

If you decide to participate in the Downtown Burger Battle, don't forget to use #BurgerBattle19 so you are in the running to win stuff!



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