Ray Manzarek says that at the time of wrapping the Doors' final album with Jim Morrison -- the band was contemplating a new label for its future work. After finishing the band's sixth album, 1971's L.A. Woman, the Doors had completed their deal with Elektra Records and were already eying their next move for the new decade. Manzarek recalls where the band's mindset was at after the L.A. Woman sessions ended in early-1971.

He said, "This was the last album left on our contract and this was it, we were free. After we delivered this, our contract was fulfilled, we were free to break up the band, never make music again, resign with Elektra Records, go somewhere else -- Ahmet Ertegun from Atlantic Records wanted the Doors, and I think at that point, anybody would've said, 'We'll take the Doors!' (We) coulda made a nice advance. So we had all those possibilities, but the one possibility that was never in anybody's mind was Jim Morrison dying."