When it comes to comfort food a donut isn't at the top of my list. But for many, just one donut is like nirvana. It’s a simple snack with versatility. From a plain cake donut to a fried, frosted, dusted, glazed, and dunked donut you can't go wrong with this quick-fix snack. Or for some an entire meal.

So where will you find the best donut in South Dakota? You'll have to drive about 40 minutes out of Sioux Falls to Centerville. According to Food and Wine, Royal Bake Shop is the destination for their Zebra donut. There's a little surprise tucked in the center of each one. Plus, they have a chocolate glaze.

Saturday mornings have been a popular day for many families including a friend of mine who wakes their kids up early to drive down to Centerville for a bag full of yum!

Oh, I'm very well aware of the many shops in Sioux Falls that have donuts including the new Mr. Donuts on Minnesota Avenue which is taking donuts and drive-thru breakfast to a new level. So many choices.

And speaking of choices, Food and Wine have a list of the Best Donuts in America so for when you head out on a business trip or vacation that bit of comfort won't be far away.

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