I have driven the streets of Sioux Falls before sunup for many years. I have encountered deer crossing Minnesota Ave., 57th St., Western Ave., and other locations many times.

Deer crossing busy roadways in the city can be dangerous. The Sioux Falls Police Department would like your input on how to handle the White-Tailed Deer population in town.

The SFPD explained on social media that, the White-tailed deer are a natural component of the Sioux Falls ecosystem. Deer thrive in the city because there is plenty of food and no predators. Many people enjoy seeing deer in city parks or in their neighborhoods, while other residents have expressed concern that the deer are a threat to their real and personal property. Deer can be a safety hazard on the roadways, causing 120 to150 accidents in the city each year.

The deer management plan contains guidance for monitoring deer populations, requires a deer feeding ban, and implements various methods of reducing deer populations in targeted areas. One component of the plan is a public survey every five years. The survey seeks to gather information concerning how the deer population is changing in different neighborhoods and the public’s perception of the problem in their neighborhood.

A 10 question public survey that you can take will be open until November 13, 2020. Some of the questions include:

  • Do you have deer on your property in Sioux Falls?
  • What is the extent of your property damage due to deer?
  • How strongly do you support or oppose the lethal removal of deer in Sioux Falls?

You can find out more and take the survey at Siouxfalls.org.

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