It's such a problem in the workplace that they actually made a movie about it. Two movies to be exact.

Horrible bosses aren't just a thing on the big screen, they're something more and more people are dealing with on a regular basis.

A survey from Businesswire shows that a staggering 84 percent of us say that poorly trained managers and supervisors add unnecessary work and stress and that more and more of us quit our jobs to get away from a bad boss, not a bad company.

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You might think that with more and more people working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year that maybe the number of issues with bad bosses might have actually subsided a bit.

It's actually the opposite.

Two-thirds of workers say pandemic has actually soured their relationship with their boss even more. That's led more than half (52%) to actively look for another job.

So what are the things that bosses do that push our buttons the most?

The website has the list:


  1. Takes credit for your work
  2. Doesn't trust or empower you
  3. Doesn't care if you're overworked
  4. Doesn't advocate for you when it comes to compensation
  5. Hires/promotes the wrong people
  6. Doesn't back you up when there's a dispute with a customer/client
  7. Doesn't provide proper direction on duties/assignments
  8. Micromanages you
  9. Focuses more on your weaknesses rather than your strengths
  10. Doesn't set clear expectations

So how bad is it at your place?

So bad that you've finally had enough of that toxic environment and are looking to ride off into the sunset?

Here are some places you might want to consider for life after your working days are over:

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