UPDATE: Dickey Betts' brain surgery at a Florida hospital has been deemed a "success," and he is now recovering close to home. Manager David Spero released a statement to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper confirming the news. "The outpouring of support from all over the world has been overwhelming and amazing," he said. "We are so appreciative. Thank you all so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated."

Former Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts is in critical condition after an accident at his Florida home.

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Betts was playing with his dog in his backyard when he "slipped and cracked his head, causing bleeding in his brain." Betts reportedly has been sedated and is in a local hospital following the accident, which took place on Monday at the home he shares with his wife.

Brain surgery to stop the swelling has been scheduled for Friday. Betts' manager, David Spero, said the Allman Brothers Band co-founder is “in critical but stable condition.”

Just last month, Betts canceled an upcoming tour following a mild stroke. He was days away from a short road run when he was diagnosed with "post-stroke repercussions." “After describing to his physicians certain post-stroke repercussions, he was strongly advised to give himself more time to recuperate,” Betts' website informed fans at the time. “Doctors have assured Betts that after three to five weeks he will be 100 percent recovered and can resume his touring schedule.”

The guitarist, who wrote and sang the Allmans' biggest hit "Ramblin' Man," announced his retirement last November. But he quickly changed his mind and was back onstage in May. At the time of his initial announcement, Betts said he'd "had a great life and I don't have any complaints.”

He then had second thoughts. “When I turned 70 years old, I just figured I wanted to go fishing and play golf and mess around and stuff, so I decided I would retire," he explained. "Well, I got bored as hell sitting around here. Then I do this Rolling Stone interview – just to be friendly, I wasn't really working on a career or nothing – and when it came out, the promoters starting calling me, offering me good money to go out and play again. I was bored, and they wanted me back. That's the way it happened."

Betts was on the road between May and July performing shows, and was scheduled for another brief run late last month before he canceled. His next dates were scheduled to begin on Nov. 1, but plans will probably change after this latest setback.

“It was just a few days ago that Dickey was telling me how excited he was to get back in front of the fans on November 1,” Spero said. “It is very unfortunate, for all involved, that we need to cancel those shows. Please add Dickey into your thoughts and prayers. I’ll keep everyone updated on his expected progress.”

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