The next stop on my Des Moines food journey took me to a pizza place that was featured on Travel Channels Pizza Paradise: Fong's Pizza.  The Asian influence in Fong’s menu and décor was inspired by King Ying Low, the restaurant that preceded Fong’s location. This place has a fun, funky nostalgia that also means great eats, beginning with a true Asian specialty: the Crab Rangoon pizza.

This pizza (pictured above) starts off with a Crab Rangoon base, surimi, green onion, asiago, and mozzarella, then topped with crispy egg roll strips and sweet chili sauce. Now when it comes to pizza, I'm pretty much a straight forward guy. Give me sausage and pepperoni and I'm good but after trying this pizza, my taste buds were bouncing all over the place in my mouth. Honestly, this may have been the best pizza I have ever eaten!

Of course, you need something to wash it down with right? This restaurant offers kamikaze shots, where you put a Japanese fighter pilot helmets when you do the shot! My visor wouldn't stay up as you can see in the pictures. So if you are looking for a good happy hour place to dine, I would recommend Fong's Pizza! Back in January, they celebrated their 10 years on business.

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