T-minus 30 days and counting. Halloween will be here before you know it and the costume hunting is in full swing. Some co-workers and I hit the Halloween Express on 41st on Tuesday to get a few costume ideas for the big night.

Paul and the crew at Halloween Express were very helpful and had some great ideas. I gave 3 different costumes a try.

First, I was a gangster. Don't worry. The gun isn't real. And I'm not really the mafia type. Next I decided to ride the popularity of the movie IT: Chapter 2 with our favorite street drain-dwelling clown, Pennywise. Then I jumped into the Ralphie from Christmas Story costume. I enjoyed the bb gun - and didn't even shoot my eye out.

What do you think? Which one should I be for Halloween night? Vote below!


By the way, I joked that if only had the electric leg lamp from Christmas Story I would be complete. Then this happened.


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