A powerful thunderstorm that had a confirmed tornado touch down caused extensive damage in southeastern South Dakota Saturday afternoon.

The National Weather Service office in Sioux Falls issued the first severe thunderstorm warning for Turner and Lincoln Counties at 3:56 pm.

Then the first tornado warning was issued at 4:23 pm for Chancellor, Lennox, and Harrisburg.

It has not been confirmed if it was a tornado or strong storm winds that caused extensive damage in Lennox, but either way, there was plenty of storm damage that took place.

East of Lennox, other parts of rural Lincoln County also saw damage to crops and trees.

Much of the area saw more severe storms that also included hail.

1,448 customers are without power in Lennox, according to Xcel Energy's outage map. Worthing had 401 customers without power after the storm passed through. 144 customers in Canton are also without power.

Verizon Wireless customers in Lincoln County near Lennox and Canton are also without wireless service.

Lennox Storm Damage 8/28/2021

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