South Dakota continues to ramp up its efforts to get residents in the state vaccinated as cases of COVID-19 continue to decline.

The latest report shows that 13% of the states population has already been vaccinated against the virus. According to Dakota News Now, at last check, there were 175 new cases as of Wednesday (February 10).

Including Wednesday's new numbers, the total number of cases in the state now sits at 109,580. With 105,614 of those cases falling into the recovered category.

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South Dakota continues to receive good news on the COVID-19 front, as cases statewide remain on the decline over the past week. Dakota News Now reports there are currently 2,151 active cases, 93 fewer than what the numbers showed on Tuesday (February 9).

State Department of Health numbers reveal that 13% of South Dakota's population has already received their first dose of the COVID vaccine. While another 40,491 residents have been given both doses as of Wednesday (February 10).

The vaccine numbers will continue to improve starting today, as four retail pharmacies combine forces here in South Dakota to begin offering the vaccine to people at 13 different locations in the eastern half of the state.

Dakota News Now is reporting that state officials are set to begin offering the vaccine to the 70 and older age group starting Monday (February 15).

To date, 1,815 South Dakotans have lost their lives to COVID-19.

Source: Dakota News Now

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