No one wants to hear the words "cold" and "temperature" during the summertime.  But what if I told you that colder temperatures help you sleep faster.

Recent studies show that sleeping in a colder room helps you sleep and stay asleep.  It also helps remove stress along with burning calories if you're looking to lose some weight.

Scientists believe this is all determined by your body temperature.  According to Dr. Christopher Winter, our body temperature starts to regulate during the middle of the afternoon until five o'clock in the morning.  Dr. Winter adds this time period is also our peak body temperature.

Sleep occurs once your body temperature declines due to decreasing heat production.  Room temperatures below 54 degrees and above 75 degrees can cause someone to toss and turn throughout the night. Sleeping in a hot room can also affect your deep sleep.  Deep sleep helps you recover and feel fresh for the next day.

Experts recommend your room should be between 60-67 degrees in order to help give you the best sleep results.


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