Want to learn more about Sioux Falls?

I mean really learn, like get down into the data, parse the subsets and all that?

Now there's one place where you can go for all sorts of data on demographics, quality of life, education, economy, and workforce.

Sioux Falls Thrive brought together entities from business, nonprofit and government to build a clearinghouse of material available under one room and hosted on Augustana University's web site. 

“The suggestion to undertake a joint effort came from Dale Froehlich, who was chairing the Sioux Falls Development Foundation,” says Candy Hanson, president of Thrive, said in a press release. “He figured that the time businesses spend gathering data seems incremental, but when you think about our community as a whole and all of the businesses doing similar research, the loss in productivity may exceed thousands of hours of labor force activity.”

Development and two years’ maintenance costs will be shared by contributions from five founding partners ─ the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Sioux Falls, Development Foundation, Thrive, and United Way ─ and matched by Augustana University.

The site has a few main categories that dive down into various sources of information. It's also searchable. Go explore and see what you find out.

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