A mesmerizing performance is in Sioux Falls this weekend, through September 23, that just can't be missed. Cirque du Soleil Crystal is filled with wonder from the acrobatic acts, jaw-dropping skating and enthralling choreographed dancing on ice.

Crystal is the story of a young girl, searching for her own meaning of life as she struggles to deal with the pressure of school, peers, and family that chastises her for getting lost in her own imagination. She fights conforming to the norms of schoolwork and becoming a zombie to suburban life by writing and dreaming of what her world could be like.

After a fall through the ice, Crystal finds herself dancing with her own reflection, pondering her life and coming to the conclusion that she can embrace her own view on the world while loving those who see the world differently than she does.

Beth Warden/Results Radio
Beth Warden/Results Radio

I could not believe how fast the time flew by as the many acts of the performance continued on. Each segment of the performance is a unique display, all creating a puzzle piece to the bigger story of Crystal. The graphics on the ice and the backdrop were breathtaking. The costumes and props second to none. Children laughed at the comedy, young adults soaked up the positive message to love yourself and trust your intuition, and the adults had the opportunity to get lost in the story of finding more to life than the daily grind.

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