Axl Rose hasn't always had a reputation for being the friendliest fellow on concert nights, but rising Nashville star Chris Stapleton says he couldn't have been more pleasant after Stapleton opened for Guns N' Roses recently.

Rolling Stone reports that Rose summoned Stapleton, his producer Dave Cobb and their wives for a post-show powwow after GNR's show in Nashville on July 9. For longtime fan Stapleton, the meeting had to be somewhat surreal — especially after opening for the band in front of a huge hometown crowd — but he told the magazine Rose was a "gentleman" during their few minutes together.

"I'm sure he was tired and had to go get cleaned up before the buses or planes rolled out, but he was a gentleman and we had a brief conversation about music and both went on our way," said Stapleton. "It was a good night."

Stapleton added that he asked Rose "how many nights in a row he can possibly scream like that, and do all the high, high rock 'n' roll singing that he does. Because I know for myself I have limits, and how many nights in a row I can actually sing. Then we discussed him doing stuff with AC/DC a little bit. It was conversations you don't think you're ever going to have."

As for Rose's vocal secrets? You probably shouldn't expect much in the way of an answer — and it sounds like Stapleton didn't, either. "He's Axl Rose, man," he shrugged. "He's one of a kind."

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