If you are currently a parent, or are like me and your kids have grown up, you have had to at one time or another had to deal with car seats or safety seats for young children. I for one remember riding around unbuckled in the back of a station wagon growing up.  Times change, things change and for good reason.

As you've surely heard by now we had a deadly accident at 41st and Minnesota in Sioux Falls yesterday.  Involved in that accident were 3 children.  According to Police Lt. Jerome Miller the children were ages 6, 2 and 11 months.  I noticed at the end of the police briefing message today Miller said

"two of the children were taken to the hospital 'in their safety seats,' treated and released."

One would assume that the two taken in were younger and we're in seats because of the law.  Treated and released.  Those are three words you love to hear.  As a mom, a dad, a grandpa or a grandma, maybe a relative from another town.  Treated and released.

According to Lt. Miller it is unknown at this time how fast the vehicle was traveling.

One thing is for certain, this already tragic accident, could have been much worse.

Hats off to the parent in the car for having their baby's strapped in safely.  It's a hassle and it takes time.  In this case however, it's most likely the time and effort to 'click em in,' saved their lives.