To curb or not to curb?

That has been the question facing residents of Sioux Falls when it comes to the placement of garbage cans at homes throughout the city.

For years, the City of Sioux Falls Ordinance 57.022 had prohibited placing garbage cans curbside, but an April 2020 emergency order allowed for curbside placement of cans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That emergency order expired this past April and curbside placement was once again prohibited.

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But now the city is considering allowing curbside placement once again and recently conducted a Garbage Can Placement and Collection Survey on its website to gauge community interest on reversing the ordinance.

The results of the survey are now in.

More than 4,000 people responded to a series of questions:

Q) Prior to this survey, were you aware garbage containers cannot be placed curbside on collection day?

  • Yes - 46.12%
  • No - 53.88%

Q) Do you think curbside placement should be allowed or prohibited in Sioux Falls?

  • Allowed -  58.38%
  • Prohibited - 33.24%

Q) Why do you think curbside should be allowed? (Top three answers)

  • Convenient for hauler - 88.34%
  • Safer for hauler - 71.75%
  • Don't mind seeing cans at curb - 71.75%

Q) Why do you think curbside should be prohibited? (Top three answers)

  • Wind might blow cans over - 90.63%
  • Might be difficult for some to take cans to curb - 76.84%
  • Don't like look of cans at curb - 74.34%

Q) Should haulers be able to decide where containers need to be placed for collection?

  • Yes - 40.59%
  • No - 41.99%

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