It's no secret that I am a "Chocoholic." I love anything that involves chocolate, and it's truly my weakness, especially hot chocolate during the winter.  So when someone tells me drinking hot cocoa will actually enhance my intelligence, you don't have to tell me twice!

Consider drinking hot chocolate a "smart" choice this holiday season.  A new study from the University of Birmingham in England shows that consuming hot chocolate actually makes a person smarter.

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An article from Study Finds explains that the researchers from the University of Birmingham found that "consuming flavanol-rich products, such as cocoa, increase one’s mental performance."  In other words, people who drink hot cocoa increase their brain activity and the brain’s ability to work more efficiently.

This sounds like good news, right?  Not a problem for anyone at all to eat more chocolate than normal during this time of year.  However, there is a downside and a slight catch.  Say you're brain is already functioning really well without any hot chocolate.  Even after drinking hot cocoa, your brain won't experience an extra boost.  The flavanols will not have any additional effect on your brain.  I guess that basically means you're already a genius!

The study also indicates hot chocolate can actually clear your head and help you relax.  The next time you have a stressful day at work or you need energy to power through, just drink a cup of hot cocoa.  It's exactly what the doctor ordered.

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