You've probably heard the saying, " Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!" During a holiday season which seems to me, to be rife with unrest and unhappiness around the globe, I am searching for moments of lightness and thankfully, I continue to find them.

This time we find a Father Christmas at work at the Cleveland Centre shopping mall in Middlesbrough, UK. Middlesbrough is a large industrial town in the northeastern part of the UK which in its past history has had the dubious distinction of being labeled the worst place to live in the country due to its high crime rates.

Despite that fact, and as we all should know, there are good people absolutely everywhere! Even in the most crime-ridden, hopeless place on the planet, goodness survives and occasionally thrives.

Take the aforementioned shopping mall Santa in this much maligned British community. He's visiting with one child after another, when yet another adorable toddler lands in his lap. This one however seems pleased, but distracted. As he attempts to gain her attention, her mother indicates that she is deaf and doesn't speak very well.

That is not an issue for this bighearted and savvy purveyor of Christmas cheer. When he finds out she can sign, he taps her shoulder to get her attention, the communication begins and the quotient of good to evil shifts yet again toward the positive!