Sioux Falls started the week covered in inches of ice. Then the entire region was pounded by a snow storm. The power went out and for some of us, as I write this, are STILL without power four days later. The city looks like a disaster area. We all needed something to laugh about.

The Bob & Tom Comedy All-Star Show at the Washington Pavilion Friday night (April 12) couldn't have come at a better time.

I got a chance to talk to the guys before the show and they talked about the long delays at airports across the country as they gathered in Sioux Falls to entertain a near capacity crowd that was ready to get some humor back in their lives. They knew nine hours of travel didn't really compare to what South Dakotans, Iowans and Minnesotans had been through over the past 72 hours or so.

Chick McGee from the Bob & Tom Show came in to emcee and be the leader of the three-ring circus that is the All-Star show.

Chick McGee courtesy of Crash/B102.7

Chick is admittedly a radio guy and not a comedian, but he's definitely a funny guy and enjoys talking to fans of the show (which he's been a part of since 1986) There's a lot of audience interaction (and making fun of) including a woman who had e-mailed the show and was bringing her dad with to celebrate his 66th birthday. An e-mail that in Chick's radio mind (which by the way ALL us DJ's share!) became an ongoing punchline of 'lesbians can't spell'!

Tim Cavanagh was the first comic up for the night.

Tim Cavanagh Courtesy of Crash/B102.7

Tim is known on the show for his Celebrity birthday's and one minute songs, both of which he brought (along with a lot of laughs) sure Tim, sounds like fun!

Next up was one of my favorite comics, the hysterical Greg Hahn!

Greg Hahn Courtesy of Crash/B102.7

Hahn did the highest-energy 30 minute set you could imagine and then some. A comedy set SO high energy, it left the audience worn out from all the laughs. Hahn's marriage questionnaire, to his tips for a job interview, to dating girls half his age all were hits with the huge crowd. You can see why he has to bring a change of shirts to a comedy show!

Wrapping up the night was the Southern Gentleman, Tim Wilson.

Tim Wilson Courtesy of Crash/B102.7

Lots of things piss off Tim Wilson but with that southern Georgia drawl, it just doesn't seem that bad especially when put to music in I Could Be Wrong. Wilson's impersonations of President Obama and Gregg Allman brought the house down and capped a great night of comedy that couldn't have come at a better time for all of us.

If you want more comedy, we've got a couple of GREAT shows coming:

Costaki Economopolous from the Bob & Tom show will be at The Vault next weekend (4/20) Get ticket details here

And Larry The Cable Guy will be at the Sioux Falls Arena May 10. Get ticket details here.

Thanks for listening to your Home for Bob & Tom in the morning, B102.7!