Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel will hit the road together in 2023 with two shows in the upper far.

August 19 - Kansas City, MO - Geha Field At Arrowhead
November 10 - Minneapolis, MN - U.S. Bank Stadium

"Excited to hit the road with the amazing Billy Joel!" ~ Stevie Nicks

It doesn't appear that either artist have plans to retire from the road.

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"I'm 73-years-old and I'm doin' the same gig I was doin' when I was 16. Y'know, this is a job for a young person and I am now considered elderly and I'm still doin' the same crazy-ass job -- so, that part of it is kinda absurd. The other part of it to me is it's wonderful. I've picked a great job to have. They're payin' me all kinds of money, the audiences are bigger than they ever were, people are still comin' to see me -- and there's a lot of young people out in the crowd, who somehow know my stuff and that's wonderful! I'm a lucky guy."~ Billy Joel

"I’ll never retire. Stand up straight, put on your heels and get out there and do stuff." ~ Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone magazine, 2017.

The 2023 tour will kick off in Los Angeles and more shows are being added with tickets on sale now. So far:

March 10 - Los Angeles, CA - Sofi Stadium
April 8 - Arlington, TX - AT&T Stadium
May 19 - Nashville, TN - Nissan Stadium
June 16 - Philadelphia, PA - Lincoln Financial Field
August 5 - Columbus, OH - Ohio Stadium
August 19 - Kansas City, MO - Geha Field At Arrowhead
September 23 - Foxborough, MA - Gillette Stadium
November 10 - Minneapolis, MN - U.S. Bank Stadium

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