The cost of getting a concealed pistol permit in South Dakota could drop significantly if a bill in the legislature is passed.

Senate Bill 212, which was sponsored by the Committee on State Affairs at the request of Governor Kristi Noem, will have its first hearing on Monday. The bill would eliminate all fees incurred by applicants who want to get any of the three types of concealed pistol permits offered by the state. Currently, the state charges a fee of $10 for the regular permit, $40 for the Gold Card permit, and $50 for the Enhanced Permit.

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In the case of applying for an Enhanced or Gold permit, the applicant would also not have to pay for the fingerprint background check done by the FBI. Currently, the cost for those fingerprints is $43.25 paid to the South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigation.

Noem brought up the topic in her State of the State address on January 11, 2022. The bill would also end a number of fees currently charged for new business licenses and renewed licenses.

One year ago, Senate Bill 111 lowered the cost of new and renewed Gold Card and Enhanced permits. The Gold Card had been $50 for a new permit and to renew. The Enhanced permit was $100 for a new permit and $50 to renew. Currently, the Enhanced permit is $35 to renew.

Concealed pistol permits are not required in South Dakota to carry legally. One just needs to be 18 years of age and legally allowed to own a firearm. The state still issues the three permits to residents so that they can carry in states in which a permit is required.

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