There are many great bars and restaurants in the the state of South Dakota to enjoy a good craft beer, but there is one that has been declared the best-and its close to 5 hours away! (sad face)

According to, more than 7,000 people responded to their survey to determine the "Best Craft Beer Bar" in every state. As for South Dakota, that honor goes to Independence Ale House in Rapid City. The article says:

Owner Justin Henrichsen’s passion for independent craft beer flows like his 40 taps on a Friday night. The bar is in a remodeled historic building (built in 1889) in the heart of downtown Rapid City. Heavy rotation of craft beers with “no crap on tap” the Independent Ale House focuses on craft beer and artisanal pizza.

The bar has a heavy rotation of 40 craft beers on tap. From Pierre to Belgium. Not only that but a huge variety of wines. So the next time you are planning a trip out to Rapid, make sure to stop by the Independence Ale House and pull up a stool and enjoy a great craft beer at South Dakota's best craft beer bar. This is the second straight year they have been crowned the best in state.

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