As long as there has been rock and roll music, there have been people who have tried to connect the lyrics of songs to sinister intent.

In fact, it was 29 years ago this week that a fan sued Aerosmith over the song "My Fist Your Face," claiming that song contributed to injuries she suffered at a concert by the band. She lost.

Perhaps no band has had its' lyrics more scrutinized over the years than The Beatles.

Perhaps no band has had its' lyrics more scrutinized over the years than The Beatles. Whether it's an alleged reference to LSD use in "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," or "Helter Skelter" inspiring Charles Manson's rampages in the 1960's, the "Fab Four" has been at the center of several dust-ups over the last four decades.

Admittedly, some Beatles songs seem to invite controversy with their edgy content, but now even the most innocent of lyrics are being called into question.

The latest? "Magic Mystery Tour".

It all started when political writer Daniel Tilson contributed a piece to the website, criticizing a “tax cut calculator” put on display at the Capitol in Tallahassee, that showed an average Florida family supposedly would save $43 annually from the Governor Rick Scott's proposed tax changes.

In the article, Tilson called the device “Gov. Scott’s Magical Mystery Tax Cut Calculator,” and then adding a line from song: “Coming to take you away, take you away…”.

That line caught the attention of the authorities, who wondered whether the reference was included as some sort of kidnapping reference. Believing that Tilson was not a threat to the Governor's well being, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent was promptly sent to interview Tilson, who wasn't home at the time. A follow-up phone call put the issue to rest, but too late to save the authorities from a very embarrassing overreach.

So what's next? Germaphobes everywhere filing a class action suit over "I Want to Hold Your Hand"?

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