A band's debut album can either define them immediately or hint at what musical steps will be taken next. Often times, the first album is slightly raw as the artists showcase their obvious influences, coming into their own on future releases. But how about the groups who are in a constant state of evolution or just flat out changed their style partway through their career?

That's the focus of this list as we examine hard rock and metal acts who have distanced themselves from their early days, all for various reasons.

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As you'll see, they're not the first band to make a drastic shift in sound and will certainly not be the last, especially as pop themes continue to permeate the world of heavy music. Other acts that immediately come to mind include In Flames and their transition from premiere melodic death metal band to anthemic, arena-oriented metal as well as Alice Cooper's chameleon-like career, keeping up with the times for decades.

Turn your attention to the gallery below to see these musical shape-shifters as we take a look at 26 Bands Who Sound Nothing Like Their First Album!

26 Bands Who Sound Nothing Like Their First Album

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