You’ve been called many things over the years, some you even deserved, but in 2020 you’ve earned the title “Essential Worker.” Other folks settled into awkward home offices while running Zoom meetings alongside homeschooling, but life hasn’t changed much for our Tradesmen and women. These last few months, traffic’s been down, lunch is generally to-go, and the boss still expects to see your smiling face by 7 tomorrow morning.

Showing up each day is what you do. That’s why B102.7 and Red Wing Shoes wanna say thanks to you and help you say thanks to someone who’s been right there with you each day.

Tell us about that crew member who’s work boots are impossible to fill and we’ll give ‘em the boot! Nominate a crew member by telling us about what makes them the cats… meow. We’ll draw one winner a week and outfit them in a new pair of Red Wing work boots from you. And just for telling us about them, we'll give you a pair too!

This is your chance to boot it forward and get a little somethin’ for yourself as well. Thanks for listening and thanks for showing up, from Red Wing Shoes and B102.7.

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