The Amazon Echo, or "Alexa" as "she" is often referred to is the top in smartechnology. The voice-controlled device will do everything from playing the latest tunes, to creating shopping lists, to ordering dog food when you forget to check the shopping list, to serving as a home automation hub, to telling you a knock-knock joke.

So, we decided to test her by asking her sports questions. Yeah, I know. She is WAY smarter than us and we have no life.

Considering that Super Bowl LII is just around the corner with the Philadelphia Eagles facing off against the Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The argument is being made that Brady is the Greatest Of All Time when it comes to quarterbacks. But is he? Is he even the best quarterback playing today?

So, we decided to let Alexa answer the burning question: who is the best quarterback in the NFL. To be honest, her answer was a bit of a surprise.

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