The Amazon Echo, or "Alexa" as "she" is often referred to is a voice-controlled device that will do everything from playing the latest tunes, to creating shopping lists, to ordering dog food when you forget to check the shopping list, to serving as a home automation hub, to telling you a knock-knock joke.

Alexa is the latest in SmartTechnology. So of course we had to put her to the test by asking her stupid questions.

A few days ago the most legendary of all woodchucks - Punxsutawney Phil - made his annual appearance. Yeah, I know, they call him a Groundhog. But a Groundhog - or Marmota Monax if you want to get all scientific - is also referred to as a woodchuck. And if you want to really get all into it, technically it's a great big squirrel! That's right, old Phil is nothing more than big, fat squirrel with good PR.

Now, were was I? Oh yeah. When it comes to woodchucks there is one eternal question that all mankind wants to know: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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