It's hard for us to believe that many young, modern women don't have nude pics of themselves stashed away on a phone, laptop or home computer. Of course, not every young, modern woman looks like ex-WWE Diva Amy Weber. Weber, 42, who worked as a valet for World Wrestling Entertainment's SmackDown! nearly a decade ago, is our Crush of the Day. She's been dealing with a lot of drama lately.

If for some reason you don't remember Weber from the WWE, perhaps you've seen her in small roles on 'CSI: Las Vegas,' 'Saved by the Bell,' 'Melrose Place,' 'Pacific Blue,' 'Baywatch' or Toby Keith's video for 'Whiskey Girl.' She played, wait for it, the 'Whiskey Girl.'

Recently, Weber allegedly had her laptop stolen from her car while she was with her children at a park in Los Angeles. The laptop contained shots of Weber's, uh, spread, for Playboy that never went to print.

While we're not sure what type of girl takes a laptop of nude pics along to a play date, we're glad we know her name. Even better, Weber — petrified that the burglars would threaten to release the pics for ransom — decided to publish the photos.

While the whole situation sounds like the same kind of contrived publicity-seeking drama Weber used to get involved with while valeting for John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Orlando Jordan, Danny Basham and Doug Basham in WWE, none of those storylines ever allowed us to see her boobies.

Whether this whole robbery is a hoax or not, Amy Weber is still very much crush-worthy for us.

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Amy Weber Long
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