South Dakota Attorney General (AG) Jason Ravnsborg has been officially charged with three misdemeanors from the fatal September crash.

The three misdemeanors AG Ravnsborg has been charged with the following: careless driving, operating a vehicle while using a mobile device, and a driving lane violation for driving outside of his lane.

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"Prosecutors say while Ravnsborg was using his mobile device, he was not using it at the time of striking Joseph Boever. Prosecutors say Ravnsborg was not distracted, according to evidence from the investigation, Ravnsborg’s phone was locked one minute and 15 seconds before impact"- Dakota News Now.

With this particular case, Emily Sovell, Hyde County Deputy State’s Attorney, stated that a manslaughter charge simply cannot be applied for poor driving even in the tragic event that a person was killed.

Sovell says Ravnsborg was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. South Dakota currently does not have a negligent homicide law, and thus, in this case, it can’t be applied in the case.

 The accident in question is referring to when Ravnsborg struck and killed Joseph Boever on the night of Sept. 12 on Highway 14 just west of Highmore.

The victim was walking alongside the highway when he was struck. Ravnsborg told investigators he thought he had initially struck a deer, and didn't realize he hit a man until returned the next morning when he went back to get his car and saw Boever’s body.

Ravnsborg has stated he does not believe he committed a crime.

Source: Dakota News Now

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