34-year old State Trooper Andrew Steen watched Rachel Coleman sit through a green light in the early morning hours last Wednesday (October 17), then cross the center line. Steen tried to stop her, but Coleman kept going, leading him through an apartment parking lot, through the Empire Mall parking lot, then to the Bridges at 57th lot at 57th & Western. Authorities tried to stop her there, but she hit their cars.

After his car was hit, Trooper Steen got out of his vehicle and was nearly hit by Coleman. He fired his gun, but she kept driving and crashed into one of the stores in the strip mall. Another trooper drove their vehicle behind Coleman in an attempt to pin her in, but the cars collided and Coleman kept going.

Steen then walked in front of Coleman's car, pointed his gun at the windshield and told her to get out. Coleman drove toward Steen fast enough that she left tire marks on the pavement. Steen fired his gun as he was hit by Coleman's car. Lincoln County deputies then also shot at Coleman. At some point. Coleman was hit, but paperwork doesn't indicate where she was shot, how many times, or what her current condition is.

The document states that after hitting Steen, Coleman also attempted to hit the deputies who were shooting as well as she drove off. She got out of her car at 47th & Western and tried to run, but was apprehended.

Coleman's boyfriend told authorities that the pair had been drinking at a bar that night. He had left, but she stayed. According to the paperwork, Coleman has had three DWI's in the last few years, a careless driving charge and driving with a revoked license.

The 25 year old is now facing multiple charges including attempted murder in the first degree, felony hit and run, multiple aggravated assault charges on law enforcement and her fourth DWI.

The documents also give an idea as to the severity of Steen's injuries, stating that he was unable to speak or communicate in any way after being hit. Steen had surgery Thursday to relieve pressure on his brain. He remains in critical condition.

Coleman likely has not been arrested yet, because the Minnehaha County State's Attorney Aaron McGowan said they do not typically arrest suspects if they are going to be in the hospital for a while.