The woman accused of running over a South Dakota State Trooper while drunk in 2012 has made a plea deal and faces 40 years in prison.

26-year old Rachel Coleman changed her plea to guilty Friday (January 10) in connection with the assault on Trooper Andrew Steen in the early morning hours of October 17, 2012.

Coleman said in court Friday that she has no recollection of that night. Several hours after the incident, Coleman's blood alcohol level was just under the legal limit which led the judge to say that he believes she was well over the limit at the time of the incident.

Steen had attempted to pull Coleman over in the strip mall at 57th & Western after pursuing her for about 20 minutes. Steen got out of his car to approach Coleman's when she accelerated, running the Trooper over.

Steen sustained traumatic brain injury along with other serious injuries and spent two months in the hospital. Steen has recently returned to work with the Highway Patrol at a desk job while he continues to rehab.

Coleman pleaded guilty to Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer and Felony DUI 4th. She faces a maximum of 42 1/2 years in prison. She will be sentenced in March.