In 1977 the average price of an AC/DC ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ tour book purchased at an U.K. concert was about five dollars. Fast forward 35 years and that same tour book, now autographed multiple times, could cost a collector up to $5,000 based on the status of this recent eBay sale.

This program was used in the UK during the 1976 fall and spring 1977 tours and though the auction listing notes the creasing and wear of the item, it’s obviously a highly-desired piece of AC/DC memorabilia. Truth is many of AC/DC's tour books are valuable including the one that was printed (but quickly banned) in Australia during the winter of 1976.

These band signatures were reportedly obtained in March of 1977. Why the group agreed to sign the same item multiple times remains a complete mystery. Both guitarist Angus Young and vocalist Bon Scott signed the program five times, including the cover in blue ballpoint pen. The rest of the bands signatures (18 in all!) can be found throughout the program.

Aside from the signatures and dynamite photography featured, it’s the actual copy that gives this tour book the dirty deeds attitude that one expects from AC/DC. For instance, Angus Young’s distinguishing features are listed as “is always in school uniform; bruised knees; followed by swarms of flies.” Whereas, Bon Scott’s distinguishing features include: “Tattoos, film star teeth and a sirs chest.”

As it appears, high voltage humor is expensive and when it’s vintage, neatly bound and autographed all over -- “done dirt cheap” plays no part in the equation.