It was July 7, 1979. Cheap Trick hit their stride with best-selling albums and a successful tour. The city was abuzz when Cheap Trick landed in Sioux Falls bound for the Arena with a show scheduled for that night.

And while those present said it was a great show, it was the opening act that commanded much of the water-cooler chat the next morning. A mostly unknown Australian band was still weeks out from releasing an edgy rock 'n roll record. It had a buzz, but nobody saw what was coming for this group who opened for Cheap Trick that night. The band was called AC/DC, and they hadn't yet released the album that would launch them into stardom and immortalize them into one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Youtuber John E. Winchester captures audio as AC/DC joined Cheap Trick performing Jonny B Goode on the encore. What a moment that must've been!

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Youtuber John E. Winchester said on his channel:

AC/DC were supporting Cheap Trick and on the last song the boys joined in. Bon Scott, Malcolm Young and, Angus Young Performing "Johnny B. Goode" live With Cheap Trick in Sioux Falls Arena, South Dakota July, 7, 1979."

The audio version of the video has racked up more than 1 million views.

DRJ 58 said, "I just found this video. I can honestly tell you I was there. A great show we'll never forget. Tickets were like $5 or $6. Rock and Roll at its best!"

I remember my older brother went to the concert. I begged him to take me along - but really - who would want a 12-year-old kid hanging around with a cool high school crowd?

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