Here's an idea that could help make shopping a little easier and cut down on c-store robberies should it catch on.

The nationwide convenience store chain 7-Eleven is currently experimenting with a new technology that would take cashiers out of the equation.

Dakota News Now is reporting that a 7-Eleven store located in the companies headquarters in Irving, Texas, is currently testing out a technology that completely takes the cashier in the store out of the picture.

The test run is being conducted by only 7-Eleven employees in the Irving market at the moment.

The move is designed to make getting in and out of the convenience store even more convenient.

In theory, having a cashier-less/cashless store might even help take a bite out of crime. At least in terms of the people coming in to relieve the store of its cash on hand.

The move won't do much to stop the thief who's still looking for a five-finger discount on a Big Gulp, a couple of packs of Twinkies, and some toilet paper. I guess that's where a good surveillance system or having attendant hiding in the backroom comes into play.

Should the technology end up getting green-lighted, customers will be required to download the 7-Eleven app, then check-in at the store.

Once a customer is done shopping, they simply walk out and the app will automatically debit your bank account and send you a receipt.

If 7-Eleven decides to roll out this new technology someday to the rest of the country, people here in the Sioux Empire won't be able to test it out without leaving Sioux Falls. That's because there are no longer any 7-Eleven convenience stores located in the Sioux Falls market.

You would need to road trip to Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, or Colorado to find the nearest 7-Eleven store.

Source: Dakota News Now

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