Playgrounds, we have all played on them! Whether it be on a Seesaw, swingset, Merry-go-round , sandbox. Not only that but they also provide important opportunities for children to learn and foster new skills. Now some playgrounds are better than others. recently came up with the "50 Best Playgrounds in America." Some of them I question, (Natural Playground at #40) and some I wouldn't even attempt to climb. (Riverview Park #37)

But guess which South Dakota Playground made the top 10? Bible Story Playground in Parker, South Dakota. The playground was build back in 2009 by volunteers from the First Baptist Church in Parker. It cost roughly $30,000 to build while using lot of recycled materials. The article said:

This unique playground at the First Baptist Church in Parker, South Dakota teaches kids about the stories from the bible through interactive, first-hand experiential learning. The playground, which is open to all, includes a large whale that children can use to experience how Jonah lived inside a whale. It also features a climbing net and boat that allows children to experience the “Miraculous Catch of Fish” story. The climbing poles each have one of the Ten Commandments written on them. Musical instruments are provided to let children voice their praises, and a sound system allows you to push a button near each piece of playground equipment to hear a short bible story.

Other playgrounds near us also made the list:

42. French Park Playground: Plymouth, Minnesota

31. Big Creek Playground: Poly City, Iowa

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