My oldest son has recently turned 14 and every parent knows what that means: it’s time to take a chill pill and let your kid take the wheel of the family truckster. Yes, It’s time to learn how to drive. Here’s a newsflash, mom & dad: just because they can rock it at driving video games like Grand Theft Auto doesn’t mean they’re going to make good choices behind the wheel. (Note: If kids use Grand Theft Auto to study for the driving test...they will fail.)

And here’s the thing, when your kids are learning to drive there really watching what you do behind the wheel. Here are five traffic laws that my teen pointed out that most people, myself included sometimes, often overlook:

  1. You should always turn into the first available lane. if everybody does that it reduces the risk of accident on that intersection. (Yes...even though there’s a Cappuccino Cabin up on the right.)
  2. Tailgating is illegal. Make sure there are at least three seconds between you in the car in front of you. It's hard to do when you’re running late but keep cool because it’s really difficult to talk yourself out of a rear end accident citation by the police.
  3. Fact: it is very tempting to quickly check that text while driving on the road. We highly recommend downloading an app that prohibits your teen from using their phone while the car is in motion
  4. It’s a good thing that 2000 pound automobile has a breaking system. Slow down and be prepared to stop when a light changes yellow. Far too many cars are speeding through red lights.
  5. Yielding to the right of way is the tiebreaker at four-way stop signs. This will come in handy while navigating that tricky four-way stop - with turning lanes – at 85th and Western.

Safe driving!

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