Word is that Netflix is in negotiations to bring Gilmore Girls back. Talks are ongoing with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino as well as stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Blede, who played mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Netflix is looking to create four 90-minute movies instead of a 10-episode series.

Look, I was there. I had a backward hat revival thanks to Luke. I still have a burning crush on Lauren Graham because of the show (well, and of course Bad Santa).  As much as I loved the original show, I'm not sure bringing it back is a great idea. I haven't revisited the last season since it aired, but I think everything in Stars Hollow got wrapped up OK.

If Netflix really wants to keep going with their whole bringing back old TV shows thing, I have some suggestions.

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    If any TV show need to come back for a last season, or a final movie, it's Deadwood. The world needs more of the adventured of Sol, Seth, Al, Joanie and Mr. Wu.

    Come to think of it I'd really like a series about Mr. Wu. About how he came to Deadwood, what his life was like and what happened when he went to San Fransisco that time.

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    "Max Headroom'

    I just re-watched the first two episodes of this 1980's cyberpunk (I guess?) show, and I was presently surprised. I had to get past the ancient computer graphics that the show treats as cutting edge and the over-the-top kid genius and hero reporter characters that are played in a very late 80s style. But, the stories and ideas are still relevant.

    The show takes place in a future ruled by corporations and media empires and the only people that can save the day are a band of brave reporters and their computer friend Max.

    The remake could focus on a group of bloggers and their AI friend saving the world and tackling modern topics.

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    'Star Trek: Enterprise'

    The  fourth Star Trek series had a few thing going against it. It was on the dying UPN network, it ran during that weird time between the old days of TV that demanded large audiences and the current era where a smaller and devoted fan base can keep a show on the air.

    The story of the early days of Starfleet had great characters and interesting ideas. Who else was exploring terrorism and military response in 2003 like this show did during it's third season? Also, The Temporal Cold War was one of the most ingenious subplots ever in on Sci-Fi show.

    In it's fourth and final season the show was just really hitting it's stride, the same way TNG did. I want more Phox, Archer, Shran, Sato and the whole gang.

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    This CBS drams about people in a small western Kansas town living in the aftermath of a series of nuclear attacks on US cities had a good first season and a great second.

    The show's creators tried to continue the story in a series of comics, but a Netflix third season could really get into the civil war story-line that was developing at the end of the show.

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