John Mellencamp, ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill and country singer Kix Brooks have lent their support and voices to a campaign launched by to find permanent housing for homeless military veterans. Public service announcements from the three can be heard on radio stations in 110 markets through next Monday, Veteran’s Day, November 11th.

Mellencamp says, "There are over 60,000 homeless veterans on the streets of America tonight. Streets where they have been beaten, robbed, even killed. But if this happened between enemy lines we would be outraged. We must take care of our own.”

Hill says, "The public would rather not know it exists, but it does, it matters. How do you get 60,000 unhoused veterans off the streets? One at a time.

And Brooks says, "They fought for us, now we fight for them. Veterans Matter works with the HUD and VA programs to urgently move veterans off the streets and into permanent housing.”