Congrats on Being Fired? [VIDEO]
A sports reporter cornered actor Mathew Perry at an L.A. Kings hockey game the other night, just hours after his TV series "Go On" had been cancelled. Apparently the reporter needs to learn what you should congratulate an out of work actor for.
Doobies’ Johnston Reflects on ‘Listen to the Music’ at 40
In 1972, the infectious strumming riff that opened ‘Listen to the Music’ introduced fans to the uniquely American sound of the Doobie Brothers. Their blend of rock and R&B produced a string of hits throughout the next decade. At age 40, ‘Listen to the Music’ remains a classic rock radio staple a…
JJ Grey Interview [VIDEO]
JJ Grey & Mofro have been touring relentlessly for a decade, but it's only been the past handful of years that they've been making a name for themselves nationally. Crash has been a fan since 2007's 'Country Ghetto' and was thrilled to get a few minutes with Grey at Jazz…
Nancy Wilson Interview [AUDIO]
Nancy Wilson of Heart is one of Crash's great 'crushes' of all-time and a fantastic guitar player. So when she and her sister Ann were getting ready to play Grand Falls Casino in the summer of 2012, he jumped at the chance to interview her.

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