Sioux Falls native Chuck Brennan (second from left in picture above), who owns the Dollar Loan Center and founded the Rock & Roll Academy, was on a chartered jet with 80's rockers Ratt and Dokken on their way to a show in a Chicago suburb this afternoon (August 17) when they were forced to make an emergency landing.

Brennan said shortly after take off, smoke appeared in the front of the plane after taking off from Moline, Illinois. The pilots put on oxygen masks and turned the plane around, landing safely with all 13 passengers.

Brennan had chartered the plane for a four city tour that has Ratt and Dokken appearing with Lita Ford and Sebastian Bach. The show was in Mankato, Minnesota Thursday, Moline Friday and they are playing in Wauconda, IL at an outdoor show this evening.

Brennan left the plane to be checked out by mechanics while the bands completed the 175 mile trek by SUV, and are expected to make the show on time.