Teddy M, a U.K. pop artist, has created two large-scale portraits of Eric Clapton -- and when he sells them, he'll donate a significant portion of the proceeds to Clapton's Crossroads rehab center. The portraits -- "Ferrari," which features Clapton's face in red, and "Blue," in which he's blue -- measure a little more than three feet by three feet.

Teddy is a huge Clapton fan, calling Eric his "Obi-Wan Kenobi... I had turned into a teenager and was still coming to terms with the sudden death of my father. While most teenagers were 'bopping' to the latest electronic pop, I was captivated by the guitar-driven sound of Eric Clapton and his album August... It was like being given a light saber -- the force was strong and I had to have a guitar. But not just any guitar, it had to be a black Strat with a red strap."

If you're interested in the portraits, drop an E-mail to Teddy-Art@TeddyM.com. But he's not entertaining offers of less than $7600 each.

Teddy M