Hey, everyone loves a good 'rack.' Check out these pictures from our 'Show Us Your Rack' contest.

  • Brett Hartmann

    Viborg, South Dakota

    Lyman Co.

  • Josh Starnes

    Baltic, South Dakota

    After watching this guy violate my deer decoy, I decided he would be a great deer to harvest with the bow. Couldn't be happier!

  • Larissa Abbas

    Worthing, South Dakota

    I applied for 10 years for a bull elk tag in the black hills. Finally got to live my dream hiked and hunted all season in the hills and on the last weekend got surrounded by a herd and picked off my big boy!

  • Bruce Ferrie

    Tea, South Dakota

    Shot Nov. 23rd in Buffalo County, SD for 2013 East River Deer.

  • Jerald Mitzel

    Crooks, South Dakota

    Edmunds county buck shot off the ground at less than 10 yards on 11-22-2013

  • Jason Mitzel

    Crooks, South Dakota

    Edmunds county buck shot on opening day 11-23-2013

  • Kevin Foht

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    shot in dubuque county, dubuque iowa.used a 12 guage shotgun slug as you cannot use rifle in ia.

  • David Artz

    Valley Springs, South Dakota

    5x5 with stickers @ base.

  • Katrina Mohror

    Flandreau, South Dakota

    This buck was the first buck I've ever shot. It was a 4x4.

  • Dale Carlson

    Hartford, South Dakota

    I got this opening day in Jerauld county SD.

  • Mickey Bender

    Winner, South Dakota

    Well this is the deer I shot opening weekend of 2013 tribal season. I sat for almost 3 hours before I was able to rattle the deer to come out of the thicket. This is my first decent size buck I shot so far and I am pretty pleased with it. It is a nice 5x5 older buck

  • Erica Ulrich

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    My first buck!! Shot in Humbult SD.

  • Steve Case

    Pierrre, South Dakota

    This is my son Brayden (far right) with me (Steve) and Ethan (left) with Brayden's first deer. A 5x5 whitetail shot cleanly with one shot during opening weekend of west river season this fall (2013). Ethan sat with Brayden on a hill side while I walked a draw towards the boys. When this buck appeared and ran towards the boys, Ethan talked to Brayden to steady him and help him decide when to shoot to make a nice clean shot. It was a nice moment for all of us!

  • Tony Weber

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    He had a busted up leg when he was trotting his way towards me with a smaller doe. At about 150 yards out he stopped broadside and I didn't hesitate. I dropped him with my new Ruger .270 in one shot. I'm real happy with his 5x5 rack and the symmetry is good. Bringing him in today to get a shoulder mount done.

  • Dennis Loecker

    Fordyce, Nebraska

    This is a picture of my dad and his deer. This is the biggest whitetail he has ever shot. I had the pleasure of watching it all happen.

  • Jerrmy Loecker

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Nebraska Rifle Season 4X5. Had a great hunt with my brother and dad !

  • Ashley Robbins

    Hamill, South Dakota

    This was my very first buck! I am super excited about it!! The hunt was fun as I had to walk up a butte and shoot at it across to the other butte. One shot and he was done.