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  • Garin Haak

    Gann Valley, SD

    Shot in Buffalo County with my bow

    Shot in Buffalo County with my bow
  • Jerri Ann Haak

    Gann Valley, SD

    I took my son hunting with me and we were lucky enough to have this nice mule deer come right to us. It was an awesome mother-son experience.

    Jerri Ann Haak
  • Art Schupner

    Tea, SD

    Shot in Hyde Co., 20 miles north of Highmore

    Art Schupner
  • Gregory Van Zee

    Sioux Falls, SD

    Sully co. Opening morning. He's a very characteristic gnarly buck. Every year I donate a deer to hunters for hunger.

    Gregory Van Zee
  • Bruce Olson

    Sioux Falls, SD

    Brutal hunting conditions leading up to this day. Finally saw a Muley worthy of the wall!

    Bruce Olson
  • Tom Mutziger

    Canova, SD

    I went on my first ever archery hunt in a remote area of Harding County in western SD over thanksgiving weekend this year. On the first day of hunting, I spent 3 hours stalking this buck to get within 30 yards to make the shot and tag my first archery kill. After the shot, I had to backpack the deer 4 miles back to the nearest road.

    Tom Mutziger
  • Julie Dally

    Sioux Falls, SD

    This is my 17 year old son Patrick. We were hunting in Gettysburg, SD this year. My son was in a corn field waiting and here came three Doe's and right after the girls was this big ol' buck. My son got up on his knees and since he can't whistle he said "hey you" and got him. It's an 8 on one and 4 on the other.

    Julie Dally
  • Ryan Kolbeck

    Sioux Falls, SD

    Grandpa shot it, but Grandson is taking credit!!

    Ryan Kolbeck
  • Gregory Hansen

    Dell Rapids, SD

    Seen this buck rutting a couple of does Friday night before opening day of west river. I know this was the deer I wanted to shoot. Come Saturday morning got set up in a spot thought he would be. I couldn't see more than a quarter mile cause of the blowing snow. Sat there for a while just in case. I decided to go back to the truck and look some different spots over. Didn't seen anything moving round so when back to the ranchers house, got some food to eat. Close to noon, my buddy, the rancher that was hunting with us, and me decide to check some different ground out that we've never seen before. We didn't get 100 yard into the new ground. There he was on top an alfalfa hill with a couple of does. We were about 400 yards from him, we had a 25 mph cross wind so I didn't feel comfortable shooting at that. I've made many 300 yard shoots before, if the wind wasn't there I would of tak en the shot from there. So me and my buddy started down the fence line. I happen to look back to my buddy getting a cramp in he's leg. Go figure this would happen at this time. I left him behind, got about 150 yards out figure. Leaned on the fence and let my .300 win mag do the rest. The closer I got the bigger he got. Got back home after the hunting trip. Had my uncle come out and score him for me. He ended bigger than I thought he was. Green scored at 176. So far the biggest deer I've shot.

    Gregory Hansen
  • Eric Vetter

    Aberdeen, SD

    5x6 shot by Chelsea SD thick rack

    Eric Vetter
  • Jeremy Loecker

    Sioux Falls, SD

    The buck is a 4 X 5. Shot last day of our hunt !

    Jeremy Loecker
  • Mike Hoffman

    Fairfax, SD

    4x5 Whitetail. I shot this on my property in Gregory county, Fairfax, SD.

    Mike Hoffman
  • Terry Bruhn

    Dell Rapids, SD

    Miller, SD 11-26-14

    Terry Bruhn
  • Jeff Westrup

    Canistota, SD

    I hunt with a great group of guys this buck was harvested opening morning within 15 minutes out of Spink county.

    Jeff Westrup
  • Tom Kandt

    Sioux Falls, SD

    Shot this buck in Butte county opening weekend west river. Made a 280 yd running shot.

    Tom Kandt
  • Jerrett Jennings

    Sioux Falls, SD

    Whitetail buck, 4x5 from Gregory County 11-16-14

    Jerrett Jennings
  • Ryan Ulmer

    Volin, SD

    Yankton county rifle shot 11/24/14

    Ryan Ulmer
  • Tarah Burggraff

    Dell Rapids, SD

    My husband and I went hunting in Lyman County last weekend. Shot this buck at 300 yards with my Ruger American .243. My first big buck and learned how to gut him myself too. Great weekend and the weather was beautiful on Saturday!

    Tarah Burggraff
  • Curt Mohror

    Flandreau, SD

    Found this 5 x 6 among a group of deer tonight. Many of them were does and younger bucks, but he certainly stood out from the rest.

    Curt Mohror
  • Dale Carlson

    Hartford, SD

    Taken in Jerauld County Sept. 22 2014

    Dale Carlson
  • Mike Jahnke

    Sioux Falls, SD

    My buddy Steve Thompson with a nice doe taken off his property. He is a paraplegic and used a crossbow to harvest his deer. He needs to work much harder to prepare for his hunting day, getting up very early to get ready, he can't just jump out of bed and take off like the rest of us. Congrats Steve.

    Mike Jahnke
  • Robert Wright

    Sioux Falls, SD

    4x4 with high brow tines taken in Fedora opening day c. 2 pm. 100 yard stalk. 270 Ruger American Rifle with 130 grain Hornady dropped him on the spot.

    Robert Wright
  • Brian Fritz

    Brookings, SD

    Taken in Brookings County about 735 on opening morning of East River Deer season

    Brian Fritz
  • Ronald Jacobsen

    Sioux Falls, SD

    One of those is mine

    Ronald Jacobsen
  • Kevin Kaul

    Sioux Falls, SD

    hunting for 4 days, freezing cold weather. it was definitely worth the trip. west river. 5x6 whitetail, inch & a half kicker

    Kevin Kaul