This is the week of LOVE! And with the big L comes marriage proposals, weddings, elopement, and quick I Do's before a Justice of the Peace.

That seal of your love may come at the end of months and sometimes years of planning. Not to mention counseling, religion classes, family introductions, reservations, attire, prenup parties, and, aaaaaaagh! The list goes on and on.

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But to make it oh-so-simple to tie the knot here in South Dakota, it only takes a checklist with five things to worry about. Feel free to copy and print the list below.

Marriage License - ($40) Both of you need to appear at the Register of Deeds office.
Photo ID - A driver's license or passport or a certified copy of a birth certificate.
Social Security number
Must be 16 with parental consent
2 witnesses

Once you obtain a marriage license, it's valid for 90 days. So if you want to think about it that's your window of escape.

By the way, South Dakota does not recognize common-law marriage, unless it was consummated before 1959.

If the two of you were attracted by each other's spontaneity then you have until 4:45 PM to get to the courthouse. What are you waiting for?

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