In a new a ranking by Big 7, a travel blog site, Minnesota ranked as the friendliest state in the country. Of course they are. Snacking on lutefisk, shoveling snow, and telling Paul Bunyun tales in a 800 count flannel shirt would make anyone happy.

Meanwhile, South Dakota has a little work to do. The Rushmore State ranked 20th happiest. We're still a little peeved about I-90 construction and the Zip Feed Mill though.

Referring to our fine state the author days, "South Dakota is full of vibrant, forward-looking communities filled with engaged and friendly people. Even in big cities here, people will openly chat to strangers about everything from the weather to football. The people here practically define the meaning of ‘Midwest Nice’.

And kudos to New York. You are the least happy state in America. Yep. New York is dead last on the friendly state list. "Hey, you lookin' at me?"

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