I don't want to be the one pointing the finger of accusation at the Brachs Candy Company, (unless no one else does) but methinks someone has been nipping at the hooch or an equally mind-altering substance!

Brachs, a division of parent company Ferrara Candy, has introduced a brand new seasonal sweet offering that is on shelves now at Walgreens. Turkey Dinner-Flavored Candy Corn was, of course, inspired by the flavors of that great American tradition we indulge in every fall, eating until we can no longer breathe.

The flavors included in your 12-ounce bag are roasted turkey, green beans and stuffing, ginger-glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie. A serving of this sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin creation, consists of 11 pieces of the candy corn for 110 calories.

If you or your kids are sensitive to or have an allergy to, milk, eggs, coconut, peanuts, or soy, steer clear of the candy. The company makes it clear that Turkey Dinner-Flavored sweets are produced in a factory where all of those ingredients are present.

I found out a lot about Brach's Candy by checking out their website. For instance, I had no idea they make an entire line of sugar-free candies. You can also order their products online and they even have recipes like Caramel Candy Corn Apple Oatmeal Cookies and Candy Corn Cookie Bark!

When my sisters and I were little kids, Brachs used to make a Mellowcreme mix that had little horses, wagons, cowboys, and inappropriately (I'm sure) Indians. Our grandmother would buy them for us and we'd make up stories with them on her dining room table. However, we never ate them!

I'm fairly certain I won't be running out to pick up a bag of the Turkey Dinner-Flavored Candy Corn anytime soon either. Or- - will I?

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